I grew up reading science fiction published in endless pulp magazines.

Later I discovered real books, and read accounts of various world religions, Christian theology,

and novels of writers who combined religion and drama.

Fyodor Dostoyevsky remains my favorite writer.

As I played the haunting rhythms of Turkish folk songs on my own saz,

I found another way of viewing the world

that took no account of my Western background.

Now  I am trying to combine poetry and photos.

My idol is William Blake.


James Horner


Cover photo:Dawn at Mt. Sinai

Charlotte and I, together with my daughter Marie-Josephe and her friends,

hiked up Mt. Sinai to reach the summit at dawn.

Despite the dim light, I managed to record our experience.



Horner aka Himbor,

Gray with glasses,

Son of Vikta, daughter of Agnes,

who sailed from Poland

at age 14, alone.

It snowed on the Upper West Side

that Wednesday on my birth.

A bust of Beethoven sits on my desk since age 16.

Strangely, I don’t listen to his music anymore.

But feel the urge to travel to a

House of his in Austria.

Learned how to talk to anybody about just anything from James R.,

And hope to speak German

In Salzburg soon.

With Charlotte I hope

To walk on Jakobsweg.

It leads to Santiago de Compestela.

The husband of Agnes was Jacob,

And I too am James,