From the Hotel Green Valley to the Green Tree Hotel: Munster to Wintzfelden

Out of Munster

the narrow path

under the railway

warns me,

” I channel your way.”

What way?

“Your life’s way,

and you don’t even know it.”


In the village square

of Eschbach du Val

the trees approve me:

“We will let you pass

since you have no axe.

Your way will be safe and smooth,

and you won’t even know it.”


On top of the ridge

we walk by grazing cows

ringing the Ferme-Auberge.

“We are more than a photo-op,

Our milk and cheese give you life,

and you don’t even know it.”


We take in the mountain view

and the exhilarating air.

“I give you the oxygen

for your body’s fires.

I am your life,

and you don’t even know it.”


Down to the second Ferme-Auberge

we slide on slopes of grass:

“I am where

your body will rest in peace,

and you don’t even know it.”


Our guidebook lays out

the third Ferme-Auberge.

Where is it?

Are we so easily lost?

Excavated earth

bars our progress

so we make a one-eighty.

“ Overturned by backhoes,

I am overturning your life

and you don’t even know it.”


Cautionary yellow tape

drapes between trees on our path,

a logging site.

We pick our way

around the idle yellow machines

and over the oozing stumps.

“For your house

we have given the best of ourselves–

heartwood, xylem, and cambium–

and you don’t even know it.”


Out of the wounded forest,

we emerge onto a country road.

A fountain bubbles

and quenches our thirst.

“I am the source of all life,

the elixir of microbes, plants, and animals.

Ninety percent of you is me,

and now you know it. “


Our lodging awaits us:

À L’arbre Vert Hôtel.

We have been there all day long,

and didn’t even know it.

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