I Am Afraid

of immigrants

of Juan Diego and his family crossing the border into Texas

of the poor

of Joey who is going to move into section 8 housing next to me

of Muslims

of Abdul Aziz and his wife Fatima wearing her funny headscarf

of the press

of the New York Times and its Pulitzer prizes

of losing my Second Amendment rights

of them taking my collection of 38’s and my AR-15

of losing my profits

of paying capital gains taxes

of losing my male white privilege

of being the only Hampton Plunkett in the county

of free and fair elections

of Maria Escobar voting

of losing my political office

of facing a primary for my stand against the president

of Trump

of being shamed by the president on Twitter

of witnesses to the truth

of Mitt Romney

What if he’s right?

What if he is speaking the truth?

What is truth, anyway?

1 thought on “I Am Afraid

  1. Jim.
    I like. This work
    It is more memorable and effective to communicate by drawing out the readers emotion from his soul and heart and have a look through them as the reader. The pictures contribute to drawing out those emotions and feelings. Short sentences. Balanced with three word sentences. Like a church litany
    This is more effective than cadence and rhyme.

    Keep up the good work.

    Jack. Breen.

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