I Am Dee-lighted

We’re out of the tunnel
of that impeachment.
We have seen the light!
Things are looking rosy!
There’s no one at the wheel
to remove
Donald Trump.

I Am Dee-lighted!

You heard that right–
I am Dee
and I lighted up
for our Great President
and his innocence
at the hoax-trial.

I am delighted
He took care of the socialist Jew
of Pocahontas
of the kid mayor
of Sleepy Joe
of Mini Mike.

Don’t get me wrong.
I like the Jews.
Look what Trump
did for Israel-
peace in the Middle East.
I keep up.
I watch Fox.
Trump will get it done.
He will get peace fast.
Especially since he did not bother
to talk with the Arabs.
They just slow things down.

I am delighted
those lazy poor people
won’t get food stamps-
let them work like me.

I am delighted
those Mexicans
have to wait in Mexico.

I am delighted
Mexico is stopping
those illegals for us.
They have built the wall for us,
just like the President said they would.

I am delighted
we’re winning the trade war.
We’re sure gonna win
now that Chinese
are fighting for their lives.
Who eats monkeys, snakes, and cats anyway?

I am delighted
I have a job,
I hear the Stock market
is booming.
New York is good for something
besides crime.

I am delighted
that Navy Seal
got pardoned.
Those Taliban
don’t deserve to live.

I am delighted
that Ukraine guy with the medals
got fired
and that bald ambassador too.
Who were they working for–
Europe or us?

Ok, not everything is so super
as I had thought.
My health care co-pays are terrible.
You know, when Melania gave Rush
that Freedom of Medal,
I cried.
Lung cancer.
He should sue that cigar company.

I am delighted
when our President
fires us up at his rallies.
I like it when he curses,
and calls his enemies names
and breaks the laws–
he can do it because he’s great
he’s doing it in the national interest
he’s doing it for the U. S. A.

Four more years!

U. S. A.
Four more years!

U. S. A.
Four more years!

U. S. A.

Four more years!

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