Meanderings On a Stink Bug

On Tuesday you fell on top of my head
to meet your sudden fate–caught, crunched,and squashed.
I wondered you hadn’t flown or fled.
Your plan to lay eggs in my hair was quashed.
You snuck across my border with a tread
like one undocumented and unwashed.
You let me grab you in a single blink.
You gave up your life without a stink.

Last Thursday, your mate dropped upon my hand
as I was watching Kirk and Spock fight Tribbles.
With a flick of my wrist, I hit her gland.
Oddly, no stink. I’m not one for quibbles,
or was she hungry  like one of that band
begging for handouts and piles of kibbles?
Another bug squished, thrown into the sink.
Many more homeless, swaying on the brink.

And they persist! With marmorated shell,
a third bug fell on Charlotte. Out the door
she threw it, alive. Still, there was no smell!–
All it wanted was a nest, not some war
of predators and prey, or homeless hell.

For people and pests , I’ve  posted the score:
Third time’s the charm for our lives out of sync.
The finger of fate or God’s gracious link.

3 thoughts on “Meanderings On a Stink Bug

  1. The last line just came to me, but I tried out three endings.
    The finger of fate is God’s gracious link.
    The finger of fate or God’s gracious link?
    The finger of fate or God’s gracious link.

    The last version survived.

  2. I think it’s fine just as it is. I like the humor. Everyone comments on stink bugs so it’s about time something was written about them.

  3. I really enjoyed this piece and your ultra-clear reading of it! I listened three times. It’s wonderfully humorous and the rhyme scheme adds so much – rounds it all off. That final stanza is my favorite, wow, beautiful wording/meaning and great alliteration here: “For people and pests , I’ve posted the score”.

    I really like how you “root” us in specifics right from the start: “On Tuesday…” Then the fight with Kirk and Spock. All your images make me feel as if I am there experiencing this “battle” with you.

    Looking at your choices for the final line, I really like the one you chose. It has the best sound with “or”.
    An overall solid and entertaining poem! Nice work!

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