WFH: Coping Tactic #1

Tub Time

104 degree water

My eyelids flutter .

why prop them open.

Epsom salts seep into my sore quads.

Steam travels up my clogged nose.

No reason to smile

Tea Time

212 degree water

rattles the samovar.

My ears flop

(Yes, I can do that).

A favorite chipped tea cup

cups the coming infusion.

Marble pestle grinds cardamom pods

Rusty peeler peels ginger

cinnamon sticks and dried clove nails

plunge into the boiling water

Almond milk

Assam long leaf tea

to boil or to steep?

Anand and his wife debate

their masala chai traditions

so I begin to smile


Oatmeal, barley

triticale, flaxseed and rye

glop up my pot

The open No-Salt container

is winking at me

with its left eye

is laughing at me

with its triangular mouth

laughing for no reason is a sign of stupidity.

Party Time

Cranky, ain’t I?

The online sign up for my pity party

did not go through.

” Payment declined.”

I smiled so hard

my teeth hurt.

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