WFH Coping Tactic #5

“I only dread one day at a time.”

Charlie Brown


At Strafford Station

the Paoli-Thorndale SEPTA train from Philly

eases in


As I enter the underpass

commuters strut

through the constricted tunnel

As I am pinned

against the clammy rock wall

stage right

the slippery steel fence

stage left

water oozing from the tracks

dripping on my head

So I walk


eyes fixed on

the accelerating walkers

not wanting

their 125 nanometer coronavirus droplets

I seek unpropelled air

exit stage right

wait in the wing

let my own breathing decrease

my blood pressure drop

waiting for my cue

the second healing sound


Practice to relieve tension: Six Healing Sounds

I point my fingers at each other

raise my hands

I rotate my palms out


rotate my palms in

lower my hands

easing my heart


Thanks to Jesse Tsao

QiGong Essentials: Six Healing Sounds

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