WFH Coping Tactic #6

“But why o’ Death begin a Tale?

Just now we’re living

sound an’ hale.

Then top and maintop

crowd the sail.

Heave care o’erside!”

“To J. S. ” by Robert Burns


It’s such a sunny day

the house sparrow is flying some wisps

to a drainage pipe

the sunning turtle lurches

onto a log with its shiny shell

the magnolias are in a pink riot

so why are so many sick

so many dead

so why are people still congregating

on the Radnor Rail Trail

the SEPTA train to Philly runs empty

Gryphon coffee shop is dark

Tredyffrin library is closed

yellow tapes block tennis courts

yellow tapes on basketball courts

The NYSE traders are jumping out

of a plane without a parachute

When will I get it?

When will it become visible in me?


Practice to relieve tension: Six Healing Sounds

Separate heaven and earth:

Left hand rises

turns over

and holds up heaven

right palm pushes down

presses the earth


is my sound of the day

improving my spleen

relieving my worries


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