The Rainbow Inside Of You

I didn’t tell you that I was scared from the start,
That between act one and act two there’s a play to be seen.
All the people on my side knew it by heart
That the best lines that can be delivered in the play’s last scene,
Comes often from a player with only a walk-on part.
Friends I once hurt come to me as in dream.
The fear that I had at the beginning falls apart
When my role is so pared down and lean.

When you’re lost in the jungle of now,
And the crowds lean on you and push you to do
All of the moves that your upbringing would never allow
My knotted fingers make up a useless corkscrew.
I take up causes that later I would disavow.
How I got to this end is something apparently brand new.
My intent is now discontent, yin and yang, the Tao.
How my freudian one becomes two.

Now if you see me stumble down the to the boot hill of the mind
Try to save me from myself, please be so kind.
Because my intention is really sort of blind

I find myself like a document unsigned,
Waiting for abdication of owners resigned.
That my friends can free me, untwined.

2020-04-28 By Ross Smith

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