On Top of Trexler Preserve

On Top of Trexler Preserve:

Jersey meets PA

by James Horner

Copyright 2020

                    Where you from?

River Edge, New Jersey.

Near Paramus.

I heard the Jersey accent.

(He looks like a black linebacker wearing a mask. Seems safe.)

(He’s no white Trumper. Wearing a mask. Seems safe.)


When I moved to Philly

people were leery of my loyalties.

Well, what are you? Giants?

No, Jets.

My condolences.

But Mets!

I moved from Queens.

Here 19 years.

In PA 3 years.

Let’s go Mets!

Jim, by the way.

Ronald. Named after the President. Lol

Ronald, mascot you’d like to perform at your son’s wedding?

Philly Phanatic

Mr. Met

Most Italian sandwich?

DiBruno Brothers Hoagy, 9th Street

Roman Inn Hero, Englewood

But best soul food: Corinne’s

The fried chicken, smothered pork chops,
cabbage, Mac and cheese, collards and
candied yams is the TRUTH!!!

Best Asian Fusion:

Green Papaya in River Edge

Tropical Mango with crispy tofu

creamy on the inside

City with grit like the bottom of a stove top coffee pot?



Beach towns unfriendly to day trippers and requiring the most police to patrol the bars?

Stone Harbor and Wildwood

Lavalette and Seaside Heights

TV characters most like people who are always right and will not change the subject?

In PA?

Michael and Dwight


Snooki and The Situation

Home grown music that catapults you into dancing?

Sister Sledge

Bon Jovi

Best baller out of your state?



Let’s dive deeper…

Mayor most likely to appear in a criminal justice textbook?

Philly’s Frank Rizzo

It depends on your race.

Newark’s Sharp James

It depends on your race.

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

Elbow bump!

Keep the Jersey thing going!


When I told Ronald what I do when I’m not hiking,

I said I write and read poems.

He sent me this poem of his.

Ronald and Ronny

I moved ’cause I needed the space.

Some said I abandoned my race.

North Philly was cramping my style.

Macungie would do for a while.

Ronny my son could flourish in peace

Without the need to flourish a piece.

Driving while black

Under attack

Death all too real

That’s how I feel

Here we hike for bison and deer,

Not caged in the zoo, running clear.

The deer have their hunting season;

If you’re me, no rhyme or reason.

Yet I wander at my pleasure:

only Nature takes my measure.

Driving while black

Under attack

Death all too real

That’s how I feel

Six shots rang out of Lehigh Mall.

Stopped in my tracks, dreading the call.

Ronny’s ok, locked down inside.

Just like Philly, nowhere to hide.

Why did we move? Guns everywhere.

Abandoned the ‘hood. Safe nowhere.

Driving while black

Under attack

Death all too real

That’s how I feel

Next door, Lehigh-Carbon College

calls Ronny to deeper knowledge.

Music’s his thing, engineering

to make his tunes pioneering.

A day without music, Ronny sings,

is hardly worth living with all the stings.

Driving while black

You don’t know jack

Danger is real

That’s how I feel

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