The Smiling Human


Trouble in Paradise


Burdened by a princely crown,

Will’s royalty means riches.

Gold and purple clothe his dream

of L A Lakers glory.

But scuffles at his sunny school–

there are daggers in men’s smiles

draw him back to Philly’s rain.


The Painted Sky

Installation by Michele Kishita at PHL

Wooden clouds pour down pencils.

Big drops erase the crime scenes.

Pounding rainstorms wash away

greed’s stench, Philly’s sticky hands.

Glittering slabs of lightning

electrify the art scene.

Painting in gold and purple,

Will daubs his face, unaware.



We view Sensory Installation and reflection of Will's image.

Step through glass into Will’s world.

Many of us already there,

wearing societal masks.

He alone smiles through to us

amid the lightning and rain.

With cameras we snap his plight.

He alone has seen the light.



Fresh Prince by Alloyius Mcilwaine

Sensu Rain by Michele Kishita

photos by James C Horner

taken at Philadelphia International Airport

March 26, 2022

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