Brat Cat and Tik Tok Cat

Brat Cat

by Katie Leep

Soft, quiet purr

Warm, fluffy fur

Calm, still cat

Cuddling on my lap


Stalking mean bully

Intent on killing his rival

Sweet black cat

Crouching in the corner,

Hair on end,

Grrrrr and hiss and rowrrrr,

Scared and angry, ready

To fight for his survival.

Tik Tok Cat

by James Horner

Flying paws whirr

black fur in a blur

my lap cat went to work on an uncaged rat–

The Giant Rat of Sumatra,

filmed for an eight-second stat.


When I rub her warrior belly,

she turns round in a spiral

of coiled ease– camera ready–

building her brand.


She doesn’t come to us; we go to her–

limping, her ripped ear on the mend

so wounded, so lovable

she’s gone viral.

Drake says, “I know her.”


Naming contest by Horner.

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