Odyssey, a Fragment

Copyright 2023 James C Horner

An angry man far from home

not one to quiet quit

a man of twists and turns,

he battled Sirens,

Six-headed Hydra,

giant Whirlpool,

cannibal Cyclops.

But he knew beast mode would not fly.


How to talk of that lonely man?

Beyoncé sings of her muse,

her daughter Blue Ivy.

Poet Tripetta Mason

showed me how it’s done,

this Philly poetry jawn.

Shout out to Charlotte,

who laid it on me

I need to write poems

if I prompt others

to face their fears in writing.


What’s it like, this terror of the blank page?

First contact in a chilly swimming pool

goosebumps when I stretch my hands

dolphin kick  and dive under

the bow wave I’ve created.

After two laps,

it’s not so wack,

this loneliness.

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