Jun-Jun and Quisty, Their Song

Copyright 2023 James C Horner

Jun Jun:

Now what? Here we squat off the stump.

Abitibi abitibi.

All twisty, my Quisty, what’s that thump?



Pygmalion with his chisel

replacing Galatea

sculpting a babe with more sizzle

replacing Galatea.

Jun Jun:

For him, it’s marble, just a lump.

 tibidabo tibidabo

For all his art, he’s still a chump.

 tibidabo tibidabo


Would you leave me if I fizzle?

–For Pyg and Gal, love tastes flat

Replace me if I start to grizzle?

–For Gal and Pyg, their love went splat.

Jun Jun:

You’re fresh, we mesh, you still can stun!

tum dum a lum yum yum


You’re swole, so fun, a soul man-bun!

tum dum a lum yum yum


I’ll pop up with a twizzle,

twirl like an ice-skater.

When Pyg gapes, grab his chisel.

Trip that woman-hater.

Jun Jun:

Gal, shove his statue! crush ole Pyg!

 Give him a good  chumtrizzle!

His woman scornedhis final gig.

A good chumtrizzle!


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