Jun-Jun and Quisty Go To School

Copyright 2023 James C Horner

Quisty: Jun-Jun, mon chèr,off your rump–

We need to find some work.

For that we must learn French!

Jun-Jun: Hein!

The Cégep threw a wrench

into our application. That officious jerk

took me for an Anglo chump.



Quisty: Me too! I asked,“Who’s that man on the wall?”

Bureaucrat: That’s King Charles the Third.

Q: What’s a king?

B: Have you been living under a rock?

Q: Pfff! No. On a stump.

So, how do you get to be king?

B: You’re born, you wait, at 95 the Queen dies.

Q: Why do you even have a king?

B: Excellent question. You’ll do well here in Québec.


Jun-Jun: Allez-hop! We’re here for some IDs.


B: Ok. Take off your costumes. Wait… I’m not trying to zing

you and your lady.

Q: Oh! Là-là-là-là. These are our skins– pale purple, celadon green,

We can’t take them off, Ol Man of Québec.

B: So you think I’m a meddlesome, self-important, petty bureaucrat, hein?

Q:  Mais oui!

There was an Ol Man of Québec

a beetle ran on his neck

But he cried, ‘With a needle,

I’ll slay you, O beadle,’

you angry Old Man of Québec.


B: This interview is over. Now leave and go bawl

to that man on the wall.

Q: Mer-de! We’ll be back, you turd!

I’m appealing to Charles the Third!


Limerick by Edward Lear

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