How Tai Chi Feels To Me

Copyright 2023 James C Horner

I gather the Chi

like waves from the sea.


Parting wild horse’s mane

calms the waves of my brain.


White crane spreads its fluffed wings

as I yield to life’s zings.


Brush knee and twist, brush knee and twist,

brush knee and twist,  strike with my wrist.


On one leg I play the lute;

balance is my stronger suit.


Step back and repulse four monkeys;

palms in the faces of Trump’s flunkies.


I grasp the sparrow’s tail.

Ward off, roll back, press, push, and I’ll not fail!


The sparrow can’t fly as I grasp her tail;

my worthy opponent begins to flail.


Everything moves with single whip;

I look at my hand,  turn my hip.


Wave hands like clouds

far from the crowds.


Wave hands like clouds

flee thunderclouds.


Wave hands like clouds

embrace rainclouds.


Momentum from my single whip

fills my moves with plenty of zip.


Pull back his palm, high pat the horse;

my fingers  poke eyes, he feels my force.


Kick with the right heel.

I stagger and wheel


as I strike his ears with my fists,

turning in my vengeful wrists.


Turn and kick with my left heel

I wobble and feel


a snake creeping down—

keep calm, don’t frown!


Golden cockerel stands on left leg

At last, I can relax and move up a peg.


Another snake creeps down.

If I scream, I’ll look like a clown!


Golden cockerel stands on right leg

Trembling, I go down a peg.


Fair lady weaves the shuttle.

I block and shove in the scuffle.


Who is this fair lady weaving the shuttle?

It’s Tina! Ah, she’s so subtle!


Needle at the bottom of the sea;

Night demons, not for me.


My hand in a block, I fan through the back;

my worthy opponent receives a smack.


Deflect, parry, and punch.

What did he expect… brunch?


I withdraw for apparent close–

This ditty dissolves into prose.


Reach right, make an X with my hands.

I sink my feet into the sands.


Closing form to settle the chi,

I gather all in, you and me.

2 thoughts on “How Tai Chi Feels To Me

  1. Do you have more martial arts poetry? I am interested in martial arts (Xinyi Liu He Quan) and poetry. Loved the reference to Trump’s flunkies.

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