Jun-Jun and Quisty Go To Work

Art by Lélé

poem by James C Horner

copyright 2023

Jun Jun: J

Quisty: Q

Casino Manager Harry: H

JJ––Bonjour Hi!

                               H – You’re hired! You’ll start today!
JJ–Sorry. Don’t understand.
                                                H– Doubly hired!
Such soft politeness. So Canadian!
Q–And our duties, s’il vous plaît?
                                                           H – Customers.
Keep them happy. Quisty’s bohemian

apparel will set off the big spenders,

the Habs.
                Q –Veuillez répeter, s’il vous plaît.
–Ah! Our Montrealers and the Chinese.
Your clothes are part of the pull. So stylin’!

Q–But these, Monsieur, are our skins, vous voyez.

I was born with these red spots. Jun-Jun’s green,

one-armed, like me. That’s why we’re a package.

H–Showing true grit. Disabled employees!

Who does your hair?
                                     JJ – Why, we do. We could wear hats,

             H — So authentic! Besides your salaries,
you’re entitled to free food and coffee.
Tim Horton’s Double-doubles and Timbits.

Our sponsors for Casino Montreal,

Where anything is possible for you.”

Q–We’ll gamble? Deal cards, serve drinks, catch cheats?

H–No, no, no, and no. “Meet, Move, and Mingle:

Experience Your Potential” our jingle.

You two will be a sensation, meets and greets

(and cheaper than Celine Dion or Drake).

Originals! And what’s more, you’re not fake.

Exemplars of our famous politesse.

Q– We’ll think it over. They inflict distress,

these labels. Jun-Jun, we’re back on the streets.


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