Jun-Jun and Quisty Get a Gig

Jun-Jun and Quisty Get a Gig

Art by Lélé

by James C Horner

copyright 2023

Hanging out with Iqi, a Mayan immigrant from Mexico, Jun-Jun and Quisty discover their singing talents. Harmonizing as they hum, they work a Montreal dive known for its hockey fans devoted to Guy LaFleur of the Canadiens (the Habs). Subbing for musical groups on their breaks, they gain a little following.

So as not to be bums

we hum in harmony.

Iqi sings and strums.


And how exactly are we chums?

Is Iqi part of our destiny?

The three of us not to be bums.


Barfly is going wild, — it thrums.

Habs stickers, hockey company.

Quisty, why are we here? Iqi sings and strums.


We’re still humming to pounding drums.

Molsons flow, but no villainy.

We play this gig not to be bums.


Grappa the bar dog whimpers and hums,

cowering in this symphony.

Jun-Jun, am I awake? Iqi sings and strums.


The bass is so loud my skin numbs.

Getting paid seems like larceny.

We hum so as not to be bums.

They love us! Iqi sings and strums.


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