Silk Reeling

Tai Chi Silk Reeling with a bit of instruction how to move your wrists and circulate inner energy. Moving from side to side will build your balance. Standing with a low “horse stance” will strengthen your legs.

Tai Chi

The link to Jesse Tsao’s tai chi site will provide you with an opportunity to buy Master Jesse’s step-by-step explanation of the Yang Style  24 form that we have been practicing.  For $25 you can download his demonstrations. They are very clearly explained.  At the end there is a back-view demonstration of the entire form. Simplified Tai Chi form 24


Taichi 24 form by David Bao

24 Form Tai Chi (Back View) by David Bao

24 Form Tai Chi Demonstration Back View Master Amin Wu

108 Yang Style Long Form Tai Chi Chuan (Back View)

Tai Chi Ball in Form 24whole form demoed by Jesse Tsao

Tai Chi with Weighted Ball- created by Jesse Tsao


Classic Tendon Exchange (Yi Gun Jin)

Classic Tendon Exchange explanation and demonstration of moves and benefits

Marilyn Cooper demonstrates Tendon Exchange 7-12


For more playful and dynamic balance, try the Five Animal Frolics.

In this set, each animal– Tiger, Deer, Near, Monkey, Crane– has five different moves.


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