Street Art in The Netherlands and Belgium

More than a head covering


Olivier Rameau, Brussels

Drawn by Dany

Story by Greg

Manneken Peace, Brussels


Take and Read


earth tile


The Chinese story of Delft porcelain


Delft column

Ceramic map of Delft



Random stickers

A pop art drawing has adorned the large white wall on the building at the corner of Zuidwal since the 1980s. Once a way of combating illegal graffiti, it is now perhaps the most iconic piece of street art in Delft.
Keep your eyes on the ground. You will see a bird on an electrical substation in Delft. It put a smile on my face!




Underpass in salmon

Dual visions by Reus


an alternate Delft imp


Octopus in Rotterdam



the Supreme Leader Takes His Licks. A small sticker found in a men’s room in Brussels


She presides over Gent


Transparent creature is taking over a wall in Brussels

Still under construction

A tag seen throughout Brussels.

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