Echo Chamber

Sketch of Trump by courtroom artist Elizabeth Williams.

from Act V of “The Rise and Fall of Donald J. Trump” by James C. Horner

I have a Trump-hating judge

with a Trump-hating wife and family

whose daughter worked for Kamala Harris

and now receives money

from the Biden-Harris campaign.

A lot of it.”

Whenever I’m nagged

about my weight

my mouth is full of hate.

He called me a fraud,

and he didn’t know anything about me!” Mr. Trump
exclaimed from the stand,

pointing at the judge,

who flashed a grin.

I’m convinced Ozempic is a fraud

my wallet rebels at the cost.

He assailed Justice Engoron:

The fraud is on the court, not me.”

Weight loss with no sweaty muscles

what a fraud!

Mr. Trump told Mr. Wallace:

People like you go around and try to demean me

and try to hurt me.”

I won’t let anyone demean

my appearance.

How do I rebuff the merchants of flesh

so they can’t inject me with hurt?

I gave two people total authority

to work with a very expensive accounting firm.”

Mr. Trump added, though,

that he was not entirely hands-off:

I said, ‘Prepare the statements

so that the accounting firm is


How can a pill gain total authority

over my life?

Touting that it’s expensive

that’s why it will make you happy?

You’re wrong in your opinion,”

Trump replied, adding:

He called me a fraud

and he didn’t know anything about me.”

It’s a fraud

no one knows anything about me.

Not even Google’s algorithms.

Judge Engoron is “tyrannical and unhinged.”

Fitness clubs have gurus


and unhinged.

I am being forced to take the witness stand tomorrow

in a SHAM trial in New York City

where an extremely anti-Trump Attorney General
is trying to impose

the ‘corporate death penalty’ upon me

and even my family.”

The whole body image thing is a SHAM

hawking a social death penalty

if you aren’t Instagram -worthy.


In a separate line of questioning Monday,

Trump distanced himself from a statement of
financial condition from 2021,

claiming he was busy at the time “keeping our country safe” from the likes of China and Russia.

I was so busy in the White House,” Trump said.

My threshold was China, Russia

and keeping our country safe.”

Just for the record,” Wallace replied,

you weren’t president in 2021?”

No, I wasn’t,” Trump acknowledged.

Me, I’m just trying to stay safe

amid all the busy maniacs with their AR-15s

keeping our country safe.

That prompts Trump to lash out from the witness stand.

He speaks in a neutral tone,

but his frustration is unmistakable:

This is a very unfair trial—

very, very,” the former president says.

It’s all so very unfair–

rights for the gun-toters

but no safety for me





I gave two people total authority

to work with a very expensive accounting firm.”

Trump added, though, that he was not entirely hands-off:

I said, ‘Prepare the statements so that the accounting firm is happy.’ ”

There’s a lot of money

in guns

in weight-loss

accounting and lawyers.

But liberated from those chains,

which imbeciles cling to and revere,

I’m happy.

Trump, too, should be happy.

No one is trying to make HIM lose weight!

No one is trying to make HIM work out!

No one is shooting HIM!

He should be happy.





1 thought on “Echo Chamber

  1. Jim

    I like the use of the chorus
    In this form you sound like a lawyer not a writer
    I embed the earlie5rb works wher your words crafted pictures and used the chorus
    For emphasis
    I think the reader me jwb is so angry with trump. That it tiers with enjoyment
    Your earlier versions drew a picture and used a chorus to make the reader laugh
    We need maybe a carton picture of trump to make us laugh. It is extraordinarily difficult
    To use all you’re skills with trump
    Do you have the earlier writings send them over maybe we can use the same effective technique
    You are then writer not me i learn to write well as your student
    Lets look at you earlier writing

    Take care jwb.

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